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Upcoming Birthdays

Last year, we shared with you a couple apps designed to help you celebrate the birthdays of your contacts within Salesforce. These apps are both fantastic, but if you’ve got a lot of customers, they can get a bit overwhelming. Too many birthdays and you can’t really focus on the ones that count. It’s bad enough when you have to decide between 2 friends’ birthday parties, but try choosing which of 1,200 birthdays to acknowledge…I don’t know about you, but I’m sure I’d miss my favorite client’s CEO or that awesome project manager who just had a baby. Enter the new Upcoming Birthdays app, which brings the list down from everyone to just the contacts you’re following on Chatter!

The simple design is unobstrusive for users and discreetly keeps the user informed of the upcoming birthdays of all contacts that are followed via Chatter. The application shows the contact name, date of birth and if wanted the current age of the contact. You can simply click the person’s name to jump into the Contact.

Upcoming Birthdays in all new and all free, so don’t hesitate to check it out and leave them a review today!