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Salesforce is getting into the blockchain game. Announced at the end of May, Salesforce is now offering a beta version of their ‘Blockchain Builder’ that select partners can sign up for. 

So, if you are like me, you probably said to yourself something like, ‘Ok cool! So what does that mean exactly?’ 

You have probably heard about Blockchain and Bitcoin, but let’s be honest, the specifics of these technologies are complex, and really we have yet to truly figure out how to use them in the real world. But that hasn’t stopped most people from recognizing the technology has great potential and is something being invested in heavily.

What we can tell you right now though, is that the Blockchain Builder on Salesforce is one of the first low code blockchain platforms for a CRM. The builder will allow Salesforce users to create and manage their own blockchains through clicks and not code!

Only time will tell how this will be used for various businesses and industries, but as with all blockchain applications, it has the potential to make transactions faster and more secure, to create ironclad contracts, and to enhance data/information sharing to various networks. 


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


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