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Express Capital Funding is a provider of funding to small businesses and short-term working capital to companies across the United States. Express Capital aims to live up to its name and provide fast and efficient capital funding to businesses across the country.

Express Capital is a direct funder, not a third party, allowing for a faster funding process. This creates a simple, straightforward process that also ends up being more secure and more personable. Express Capital works with just about anyone and any project size. From short term, one time loans, to long term big project solutions, loans can be customized to each company’s particular needs to maximize revenue and profitability.

Table of Contents

The Challenge

When Express Capital first got in touch with CloudMyBiz in 2017, they were using GoldMine as their lead management system and CRM. GoldMine is an outdated, locally run system. For a more robust, scalable and effective system, they were looking to upgrade their system to the cloud based Salesforce CRM. While using their previous system, Express Capital struggled with many of the following challenges:

  • Lack of accountability
  • Potential deals getting lost in the sales pipeline
  • Inefficient processes
  • Poor data management, tracking and reporting
  • An overall glitchy system
  • Statuses wouldn’t auto update
  • It was difficult to implement new business logic
  • Couldn’t track the offers and terms presented to the merchant
  • Emails wouldn’t go out from the CRM
  • Low conversion rates from Approvals to Contract
  • Difficult to follow up on open approvals and make deals
  • They couldn’t see the different lenders that have approved deals
  • Difficult to measure the performance of the sales team


FUNDINGO was recommended to Express Capital Funding through a mutual business contact. FUNDINGO is a funding management solution, created by industry experts, and designed specifically for Merchant Cash Advance companies. It streamlines the entire process of originating, underwriting, and servicing Merchant Cash Advances. Unlike a hodge-podge of outdated and unconnected systems, each handling only a single element in the funding process, the FUNDINGO solution helps MCA companies attract and close more deals, accelerate the underwriting process, generate more pricing options, reduce errors, and ensure greater consistency.

The core of the FUNDINGO solution consists of FUNDINGO Origination, FUNDINGO Underwriting, and FUNDINGO Servicing applications. These core systems can be further enhanced with add-on custom app integrations for LexisNexis, Experian, QuikTrak, Decision Logic and more.

The FUNDINGO Origination solution features:

  • Improved management and tracking of the sales pipeline
  • Integrations with external data source providers
  • Scalable and integrated systems
  • High value at an affordable cost

The Result

The FUNDINGO solution, implemented by CloudMyBiz, eliminated Goldmine, in the process of centralizing and streamlining Express Capital’s processing system and moving their operations onto the Salesforce cloud. Express Capital’s funding process, from start to finish, became faster, more user-friendly and smarter. The new FUNDINGO Origination system featured:

  • A scalable, one-platform solution
  • Increased accountability
  • An improved customer and ISO experience
  • 360 degree and up to the minute details of the sales process and pipeline
  • Time-saving automation for funding applications, emails, notifications, and data entry
  • Thorough tracking of leads, contacts, accounts, and conversions
  • The ability to customize components with a single click
  • Powerful tools for commissions and renewals management

As a testament to the success of the project and to further improve their funding process, Express Capital purchased additional FUNDINGO products in the months following the initial implementation. Most importantly, Express Capital is running their business on a platform that truly meets their needs!