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By this point, you know your business should be propelled by the need to get ahead, not just the need to keep up. For many lenders, this means integrating technology into your business’s operations. Using a CRM to unify your processes and data can help you achieve just that.

While the benefits of better data are clear, it is not uncommon for apprehension to sneak into the conversation. Especially when migrating from paper and spreadsheets, the task seems overwhelming to some lenders. If you fall into this group, fear not. There are steps that can make setting up Salesforce for lenders a smooth and easy process.

If you have used Salesforce before, you may have noticed that they avoid using jargon. This coupled with their quick search tool makes it simple to find what you need without the learning curve. Once you can find the options you need, customizing the platform around your business becomes easier.

Even if you think you can hit the ground running, spending a few minutes to go through the tutorial is well worth the time. It provides surprisingly detailed insights on how to configure Salesforce to manage your deals and pipeline.

Another feature worth noting is Salesforce’s customizable alerts. You can choose alerts to notify your team when it’s time to take an action, like following up on a lead or sending out information. You can also toggle them on or off to determine who sees them or what information you want displayed.

There are also a plethora of apps that you can install to manage specific functions in Salesforce. Some organize and track deals for syndication and others provide detailed information to decide on applicant risk. Others integrate Salesforce with other programs your organization already uses.

While you can set up Salesforce to manage your lending, it never hurts to consult a professional to find out where you can benefit the most from using a CRM. If you want to find out who can best help your business, take these steps when finding a Salesforce consultant.