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Convincing Your Boss It’s Time to Switch to Salesforce

Convincing Your Boss It’s Time to Switch to Salesforce

As a Salesforce ISV and Consulting partner, we at CloudMyBiz have seen all sorts of complex situations and struggles when it comes to creating a case for switching to Salesforce. After all, making the switch to Salesforce isn’t always a quick and easy decision. Often, the person championing the idea of adopting Salesforce isn’t the person who has final say in the matter.

While Salesforce has innumerable benefits of adoption, it may not always be the right place or time to make the switch. To make that determination, we always recommend you do a thorough business analysis to come up with a solid case for making the switch.

So, to convince your boss (or yourself if you are the boss) that it’s a good idea to switch your company over to the Salesforce CRM, we recommend starting here:


1) Start with the basics. Take a minute to refresh yourself on what Salesforce is and what it does:


2) Then do some digging into benefits of Salesforce:

8 advantages of CRM Salesforce

3) And the benefits of Salesforce Automation:


4) Finally, take a deep look at building your case:



If you go through all of those, you should have all the pieces of information at your disposal and ready to thoroughly build the argument that making the switch to Salesforce is in the best interests of your company.

Now you just have to pluck up the courage to bring this all to your boss, and see your hard work pay off!


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


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