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Do You Have Sales Performance and Task Dashboards?

Do You Have Sales Performance and Task Dashboards?

What does your sales team see when they login to Salesforce? A generic homepage? Apps, widgets and screens that aren’t relevant to their job and are only there taking up space?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you are missing out! Not only is this an easy opportunity to empower your team and give them a leg up each day, but they are actually losing time and effectiveness by not having Salesforce Dashboards on their home page.

A well-built home page may include but is not limited to:

  • Calls Logged
  • Tasks (pending and completed)
  • Calendars & Events
  • Leads Breakdown
  • Opportunity Pipeline
  • Recent Opportunities & Records

Some of these items come pre-built in the Salesforce Lightning Builder, such as “Today’s Tasks”, “Recent Records” and “Recent Items”. The others are simply added as “Report Charts”.

Sure, you do need to go ahead and create some of your own reports, but this is also where you can get creative and make reports that are custom-tailored to your business and sales needs. For example, to create a report showing the Opportunity Pipeline for a particular Sales Rep, create a report with the following filters:

  • All opportunities
  • Close Date = All Time
  • Opportunity Status = Open
  • Probability = All
  • Stage = not equal to Prospecting
  • Opportunity Owner = (name of rep)

When you add this report to the home page you can also specify that the particular Home Page should be shown to only a particular App and Profile, thus making it possible to customize for each user in your company. 

Click here for more details on building your home page


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


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Magic Mover for Notes And Attachments in Lightning Experience

Magic Mover for Notes And Attachments in Lightning Experience

For anyone who has made the switch to Lightning or is planning to, you know (or should know) about Lightning’s new document system: files. All documents, from attachments to notes are now stored as “files”. This gives Lighting users much greater flexibility and functionality. But what do you do if you have Salesforce Classic and all of your docs are in the old format? Magic Mover has the answer. This app on the AppExchange provides an easy way to switch your docs into the new files format and optimize them for use in Lightning.

Convert attachments to files because files are optimized for Lightning Experience and provide additional capabilities beyond attachments, including the ability to relate files to multiple records, track multiple versions, and view file previews.

Check it out here!

Tip of the Week – Try Salesforce Files for Better Documents

Tip of the Week – Try Salesforce Files for Better Documents

Salesforce FilesIs the combination of documents, notes and attachments slowing you down? Is it unwieldy to manage the different file types when you need data fast? If so, you may want to consider moving from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. One the highlights of Lightning, is the switch from notes and attachments to Salesforce Files. In fact, Salesforce is betting on you liking it so much, that they haven’t given you any other options for document types. Gone are the days where you attach multiple file types to a related record. We are now in the era of Salesforce Files.

So what are Files exactly? Files is a document organization system that converts all documents, attachments, and notes into a Salesforce File. Functionality wise, they are a lot like Google Docs.  Salesforce Files are shareable, editable and make it easy for your team to manage all of their important information. What’s more, Files are shared and stored in a folder library system, keeping everything organized in a single location. In short, files do more and provide greater functionality than simple attachments. Though this switch may take time for some users to adopt, the upside of using Files should be more than worth the effort.

Click here for a short video checklist to help you get to most from Salesforce Files!

Tip of the Week – Plan your move to Salesforce Lightning

Tip of the Week – Plan your move to Salesforce Lightning


Salesforce Lightning has been the talk of the town since Dreamforce ’15. It brings Salesforce up to modern web design standards, unifies the user experience across devices, and adds new power to the platform. But with the phased ramp-up of the Lightning Experience, it’s been difficult to decide if you’re ready or not. Everyone’s been waiting for the all-clear, or at least a roadmap so that they can start planning. Well, your roadmap is here!

Recently, Salesforce released the Lightning Experience Roadmap, a clear document outlining the timeline for when many features will become available within Salesforce Lightning. If you’ve been waiting on word that something you use every day is ready, wait no longer! Check out this fantastic roadmap and start planning your transition to the Salesforce Lightning Experience today!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys

Tip of the Week – Spring ’16 brings Lightning to more Salesforce users

Tip of the Week – Spring ’16 brings Lightning to more Salesforce users

The Spring ’16 release notes are finally dropping, and that means exciting new features for Salesforce users! Let me take this moment to remind you that reading the release notes made this year’s New Year’s top 10 tips, and for very good reason! If you’ve been looking forward to the Salesforce Lightning Experience, you’ll especially want to spend some time reviewing the latest, as there’s news that may take you one step closer to the cool new UI!

Spring ’16 includes Lightning Experience support to Salesforce customers using Person Accounts! You may remember the checklist we shared with you before to help identify if Lightning was ready for you, and if Person Accounts was your blocker, it may be time to reevaluate whether you’re ready to make the dive. Check out the release notes today, and don’t forget to contact your Salesforce consultant with any questions!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys