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Tip of the Week – Pocket Guide to the Best Learning Management Systems

Tip of the Week – Pocket Guide to the Best Learning Management Systems

Growth and expansion can be very exciting for any company. Whether you are adding just one new hire, or a whole new team, usually it means good things are going on. However, there is always the dreaded downside of growth: training. It can be a laborious and challenging process to get new people up to speed and ready to dive in. Even if your trainers have detailed, comprehensive plans, and plenty of time to schedule and work with new people (which they don’t always have), it is still possible for gaps to appear in knowledge bases, or to simply have a trainee get lost in the sea of information.


An LMS, or Learning Management System, is designed to remedy this, by providing an orderly and thorough training for just about anything you want to learn or teach. From user adoption programs, to new hire training, to common community education, an LMS can run it. For those of us in the tech and sales world, there are also a growing number of LMS apps that can be installed and run directly on Salesforce. However, the question inevitably is… which LMS to choose? We at CloudMyBiz have spent some time combing through the various LMS apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, and have put together a little cheat sheet for some of the more popular LMS apps available there. Take a look, and hopefully this little guide will help you make the right decision and move your organization onward and upward.

Author’s Note: The comparison chart provided was compiled to the best of our knowledge and using the most up to date materials we could find. If there are any errors or omissions we gently apologize, and would be happy to correct them as needed.

-Ryan and the CMB Team