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Tip of the Week – Salesforce Managed Packages vs. Unmanaged Packages

Tip of the Week – Salesforce Managed Packages vs. Unmanaged Packages

managed packages

Are you familiar with managed packages? If you have been on the Salesforce App Exchange, you may have seen this phrase used, but let’s be honest, not everyone really knows what they are and the differences between managed and unmanaged. I generally knew what they were all about… or so I thought. But when sat down to write about them, I realized that to really get a handle on the subject some research was necessary. 

The short version goes like this: packages are collections of components and functions that are grouped together to create an app. Managed packages are controlled and owned by the original developer while unmanaged packages are open source, one time distributions that can be modified by anyone who has them. For managed packages think: most every App out there. Updates, bug fixes, etc. are the responsibility of the developer, and if you want all of the features or upgrades, you may have to pay. Unmanaged packages are more common in the developer community and generally used for sharing templates, and group collaboration on the code. What does this all mean for you as a user? The guide below should give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know.

Click here for our Managed vs. Unmanaged Packages Guide!

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team