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Report Builder

You’ve been using Salesforce for a while now and you want to see how you’re doing. Maybe you’d like to see your closing percentage on deals, won revenue on closed Opportunities, ROI on your marketing efforts, or close time on your Cases. Your administrators, developers, and consultants have probably built you some useful Reports, but what you need isn’t one of them. Why wait for them to build it for you when creating Reports in Salesforce is just a few clicks away!

To create a Report in Salesforce, start by going to the Reports tab. If one of your existing Reports is close to what you need, go there directly, or click New and choose a Report Type to get started with a new Report. Choose all the fields you want to report on and add them to the Report by either double clicking on the field name in the bar on the left, or dragging them onto the Report. Drag fields you want to use as filters to the white box straight above the sample Report and enter your filter criteria. Remember you can use simple syntax for date filters (ex.: LAST 30 DAYS). Group your report by fields by either clicking the down arrow next to a field name or dragging it into the grouping area in a Summary Report. The same down arrow will let you summarize your report data (ex.: sum of Amount, average Age). Add a Report Chart if you want and click Save and Run Report. Still sound confusing? Check out this post by Salesforce, watch the demo, and check out the useful links. You may also want to check out some of our old posts about Reports in Salesforce. Trust me, anyone, even you, can create Reports in Salesforce!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys