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7 Powerful Predictors of a Closed-Won Opportunity

Last month, we shared a free app from Salesforce Labs to help your team keep on top of their deals. But accountability can only get you so far. It can be difficult to predict what today’s pipeline will turn into profits tomorrow, but you don’t want to be playing dice when commissions are on the line! You need real, hard numbers to help you decide where to put resources, what deals to focus on, and when to walk away. Enter the Salesforce blog!

Last year, Salesforce shared an infographic, 7 Powerful Predictors of a Closed-Won Opportunity, breaking down the results of a study of 21,000 opportunities from multiple companies. Along with identifying that only 30% of opportunities will become closed-won, they also showed that bringing in another sales rep can increase the chance of closing a deal. Check out the infographic below, and see the post for a full breakdown of the information. Happy selling!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys

7 Powerful Predictors of a Closed-Won Opportunity