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Your Salesforce org is awesome, your team is always updating records, your data is clean and orderly, and you couldn’t be happier. That’s great news! But let’s face it, sometimes mistakes are made. All it takes to wreak havoc on your awesome org is a hasty data import, a glitch in an otherwise flawless integration, or a new team member who maybe didn’t get the training time they deserved. You can’t make your team (or software) infallible, but you don’t need to lose sleep over it. Setting up a regular backup of your production data is simple and will let you sleep easy.

Scheduling a regular data export is a breeze. Simply go to Setup -> Data Management -> Data Export, and click Schedule Export. Pick your settings, choose a day each week when the export should happen, and click Save. You’ll get an email each week when your data is ready to download, and if that terrifying mistake is ever made, you can always get your data back to where it was no more than one week before. Now go setup your monthly backup and treat yourself to a peaceful nap.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys