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Chatter Announcements

A couple weeks ago, we shared a few dos and don’ts for working with Chatter. Many of our readers love the value Salesforce Chatter brings to their organizations. Chatter is a powerful tool for promoting user adoption and collaboration between team members, but when you have an important announcement to make, it can get lost quickly in an active Chatter feed, making email the fallback. Well, with Spring ’14, all your troubles are gone!

With the release of Spring ’14 came Chatter Announcements, a feature which allows you to make announcements in a Chatter feed and have them hang around for a while so no one missing the important news. Got an upcoming office party? Is IT going to be doing some important updates? Are you offering a special monthly bonus for your Sales Reps? Do you want to remind everyone that the office is going to be closed for an upcoming holiday? Make a Chatter Announcement, and no one will be left in the dark. Be heard and start using Chatter Announcements today!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys