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Salesforce reporting gives users an easy and effective way to keep informed of the metrics that matter to them the most. But did you know that you can set up your reporting to be delivered to you automatically? That’s right, instead of having to manually run reports, you either subscribe or schedule, and those customized reports will be delivered automatically to your inbox.

But which should you use? Scheduled Reports or Report Subscriptions? Don’t be fooled by their similar sounding names, there are significant differences between the two. If you want a report to run itself daily, weekly, or even monthly, and to have the results sent automatically, then Scheduled Reports are for you. However, maybe you prefer to receive reports only when specific metrics meet certain conditions, for example, being notified each morning if there are 25 or more open issues. If this sounds like you, check out Report Subscriptions, where you can set your own customized triggers and get notified only when your attention is needed.

-Ryan and the CMB Team