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Maps are cool

More than just communicating with clients and tracking sales, Salesforce serves as a powerful central repository for client information. Salesforce gives you standard Address fields on all Lead, Contact, and Account records to easily store addresses, and has even released a feature that lets you get directions in Salesforce1 with the click of a button. But data is only as valuable as its quality (remember, junk in, junk out), and only if you can do something useful with it. What if you need to show a map on a record (“Loch Big Ben” would be an embarrassing mistake…)? What if your users are prone to typos or are missing information when entering addresses and need some suggestions? You’re going to have to turn to an expensive third-party app or a lot of heavy development to give this kind of powerful feature to your users. Come Spring ’15, however, maps in Salesforce are coming to you as part of the scheduled update!

What will you get when this update comes your way? Here’s the latest scoop from Salesforce:

  • Display of map images where any standard address field is sufficiently populated. This functionality will be available through the desktop interface and the Salesforce1 Mobile app.
  • Standard Visualforce components for map creation.
  • Address suggestion and auto-completion available when editing address fields.

Get ready for this awesome upgrade and let us know how you’re going to use the new maps in Salesforce when Spring ’15 drops!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys