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Tip of the Week – Salesforce Spring ’15 release is out and incredible

It’s that time again, Salesforce is out with the latest of its 3 annual upgrades. And this one is HUGE! This release offers major updates to tools we use every day, as well as brand new features you’re going to love. Whether you’re looking for more powerful reports, want to get your customers into a community quickly, or want enterprise-level special features without implementing a costly 3rd party solution, Salesforce Spring ’15 is not going to disappoint.

With Spring ’15, reporting’s reached a new level with report milestone alerts. Now you can schedule a report to only go out to you when one of your summary fields has reached an important milestone. The Service Cloud has been updated with a new milestone tracker as well. The Sales Cloud now has “Sales Path” which makes tracking the sales process a breeze. Communities is now easier than ever to implement. Salesforce now has built-in duplicate prevention functionality. And FINALLY we can start using native Salesforce maps, which we’ve been excited about for months now. Want to know more? Check out this handy presentation, and let us know your favorite features of Salesforce Spring ’15.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys

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