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Happy Pi Day

If you live in the US and are as big a nerd as me, you know that today (3/14) is the most important holiday on the calendar: Pi Day! As everyone knows, you can’t celebrate Pi Day without tasty pies. Now, you’ve got a whole collection in the break room from apple to shepherd’s (no actual shepherd on top) and you don’t want any of your colleagues to miss out on this important observance. You could always send an email, but it might get lost in the cacophony and chaos of client communications, and sending someone around to make the announcement is out of the question because it’s impossible to spread the word with a mouth full of pecan pie. Why not leverage Salesforce’s messages and alerts to gather the troops for some yummy math! You can also use this feature to announce that boring annual review meeting (or anything else), but make sure the pie is always on top.

Pi Day AlertGo to Setup -> Customize -> Home -> Home Page Components. Click Edit next to Messages and Alerts. Enter your message to everyone and click Save. You can use HTML to make it look just right. Now, go to Home Page Layouts, edit the Home Page Layout, and make sure Messages and Alerts are turned on. Click Next and place your message where you’d like it to appear for your team. Now go to User Interface (it should be the last item in the Customize header), check Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages and click Save. Now your team will know there’s pie from anywhere in Salesforce!

Happy Pi Day, and don’t miss our live webinar on Tuesday, 3/25 with Cirrus Insight where we discuss the power of integrating Salesforce with Gmail and Google Apps.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys