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Last week, we shared with you some highlights from the Salesforce Spring ’15 release, and this week I’d like to focus on one of my favorite new features. If you live on the numbers, having the ability to schedule reports to come straight to your inbox every morning is a godsend. But with all the email we get every day, those scheduled reports are just one more tick in your overstuffed inbox, and since you’re getting them over and over again, you eventually just stop looking at them altogether. And that’s fine when things are in ship shape. But what happens when something changes? Will you even open the email? Will you notice there’s a problem that needs to be addressed or an exciting milestone to celebrate? Probably not…until now! Salesforce now lets you subscribe to Reports so you only get that email when there’s something important for you to see.

Subscribing to Reports is almost as easy as scheduling reports for future runs, and really takes them to the next level. First, click the new Subscribe button (if you don’t see it, talk to your administrator to get it turned on). Choose if you want to be notified every time your set conditions are met (like any time there are more than 20 new Cases or Leads) or only the first time the conditions are met (such as when your sales team has reached its annual goal – do I smell a pizza party?). Next, set the conditions to be met. Choose when the system should check those conditions – daily, weekly, or monthly. Select how you’d like to be notified – with a Salesforce1 notification, a Chatter post, an email notification, or even an Apex action (yeah, it’s that cool). Set it to Active, click Save, and sit back while only the important numbers come to you when you need them most! For more info, check out the release notes here!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys