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Auto Capitalize for Salesforce

As I’ve mentioned in the past, no one likes data migration. It’s slow, it’s frustrating, and it’ll turn your hair white. But much of the pain is descended from another frustrating area – data entry. When it’s done right, data entry can prove to be the sweet old grandparent who raised a flock of good records that turned out right even after they moved out. When it’s done wrong, it’s the evil stepmother bent on taking away your happy mail merges. Clean data makes everything to follow a lot easier. Capitalization is a frequent area of trouble in both data entry and migration. Incorrect capitalization looks bad on reports and in emails to clients, and is especially sloppy in mailings. And no matter how many times you tell your team to do it right, it always somehow winds up wrong. Don’t worry, there’s a brand new app for that! Auto Capitalize Your Data will keep everything neat and clean.

There are cases where Data Entry person enters data without taking care of capitalization of fields. e.g. Name fields should automatically be camel capital – Acme Solutions.

This tool allows to automate the capitalization once you define the rules.

Check out Auto Capitalize Your Data and make your data look clean today!