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Data cleanup is a tricky business. Finding duplicates is time-consuming and tedious, while preventing duplicates can be just as difficult. Matching up records involves cross-checking multiple fields and hoping no one mistyped or used different data entry conventions. Maintaining a clean database can be a fulltime job for a full team. Having a tool at your disposal that can scale as the size of your system grows is critical, and Duplicate Check for Salesforce is an awesome choice!

Duplicate Check for Salesforce is highly customizable and able to perform fully automated deduplication jobs—have a report ready at any chosen moment. Data transfer is not needed in order to cleanse your data. The application is quick and easy to use. If needed, a dedicated support team is at your disposal with a response time within 24 hours.

Duplicate Check for Salesforce is a freemium app with clear pricing information on their site to help you decide which license will work for your team. Check it out and clean up your Salesforce org today!