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Events 4.0

Does your company host events? I’m not talking weddings, first communions, and bar mitzvahs here (well, those too) – I’m talking conferences, speaking engagements, lunch-and-learns, you know, the kind of events a lot of companies host to help find new business and engage with customers. If you do, you’ve probably toyed with a number of options for organizing those events. Salesforce is your home for Sales and Support, but your event planning probably lives on a spreadsheet or separate event planning database. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could plan your events straight within Salesforce? Well, you can with Events 4.0!

Harness the power of the event management app behind SFDC’s award winning conferences, launch events, and seminars. Now includes registrations, Chatter, reports, dashboards and more. Manage public or private events, or even your internal briefing center.

This awesome, free app is built by Salesforce Labs and used by the team at Salesforce, so check it out and supercharge your event planning!