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You’re wrapping up an important sale. You’ve worked out all the details. You’re sitting down for coffee to wrap things up. You can deal with contracts later, but right now, you just need a quick signature to get the ball rolling on a few things. You don’t want to wait for them to get a DocuSign document by email, or worse yet, go back to their office, print out the doc, sign it by hand, and fax it over! You want to get the signature and move on. You need Simple Signature for Salesforce!

Introducing a simple solution to capture signatures on the Force.com platform. With Simple Signature you can acquire signatures on release forms, petitions, waivers, and other simple forms that need a few key data elements and a signature. Simple.

This app is free, quick, and simple to use with Salesforce1. Check it out and see if it will meet your needs today!