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As an administrator, one of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal is field history tracking. Being able to track who made changes to what and when helps you review your process flow and timelines, and can be instrumental when things go wrong by letting you see who made that update that threw things off. Unfortunately, however, this tool that helps us see what’s going on with our standard records isn’t available in the backend to track changes to Users’ profiles, meaning you’re going to have trouble figuring out when a User was deactivated, who made them a System Admin, or what else changed when their integration settings were updated. Need field history tracking on your users? You need to check out this cool, free app!

User Field History Tracking gives Salesforce administrators the ability to setup field history tracking for standard and custom User object fields. This goes above and beyond the standard field history tracking offered through the “View Setup Audit Trail” security controls.

Check out User Field History Tracking and get tracking today!