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Picture Uploader

In today’s global market, phone calls and web conferences have all but replaced face-to-face meetings in many industries. With so much communication nonverbal in nature (I’ll let the experts talk to exact numbers), this can be a challenge.  But what’s more, we frequently will never see the face of the person we’re talking to, even after dozens of meetings. Knowing the faces of the people you’re interacting with on a day to day basis helps personalize every conversation and brings some humanity back into those disembodied voices floating through your phone or speakers. Imagine if you had a way to put a face to every Contact in Salesforce and show it nicely right on the detail page. Salesforce offers their Social Accounts and Contacts, which is a great feature if your clients are connected, but if you need a tool to supplement that (or have a specific picture you want to use), you might want to check out the cool Picture Uploader from our friends at Salesforce Labs.

The Picture Uploader utility allows a user to upload a picture to a contact record, visible directly from the contact page. This picture is stored as an attachment and will not be deleted as newer pictures are uploaded.

Check out the Picture Uploader in Salesforce and start uploading photos to your Contacts today!