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App of the Week – Rollup to success with Rollup Helper in Salesforce

Rollup Helper

“Clicks, not code” is the mantra of any good Salesforce administrator. Using Salesforce’s built in tools like Formula Fields, Workflow Rules, Rollup Summaries, etc. can get your team nigh to the moon and back. But what if you need metrics and don’t have Rollups available? What if you need a Field Update to happen across objects? Your typical tools can fall short in some very frustrating and unexpected places, making you turn to a developer to write complex Apex and commit to maintaining and updating the code over time. No worries, you can rollup to success with Rollup Helper in Salesforce!

Use Rollup Helper to create data roll-ups that will provide insights you could never have before. With Rollup Helper, you can turn your data into information even for your most complex rollup scenarios. All data stays safe and secure in your org.

Get your mission critical data delivered to your fingertips with clicks, not code today with Rollup Helper!

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