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Not all fields are equal in Salesforce. Sure, names, email addresses, and phone numbers are critical. Sure, it’s important to have all that data related to an Account, Case, or, Opportunity. But I find that, more than anything, picklists really tell you what’s what. Picklists are your statuses, your service level agreements, your priority. But these critical fields have a way of hiding amongst the clutter of a complicated page layout. If you need to see picklists big and bold, understand your pipeline, and have a powerful, at-a-glance, way to identify what’s important, you should check out Visual Status.

Records typically have picklist/dropdown fields identifying what stage/state that record is in the overall lifecycle. This is true for Accounts, Opps, Leads & other custom objects. These picklist fields occasionally get lost with all other fields on pages… With just one VF component and a completely open & customizable attribute model this app can visually represent any picklist field in any object to present a beautiful representation on standard & custom pages. With no limits, make all your picklist process fields stand out.

This free new app looks awesome, so check out Visual Status today!