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User adoption is key to success with Salesforce, but training is always a challenge. Training your users means dealing with competing schedules, travel, and a scattered workforce. There are some great learning management systems (LMS) and online training tools, but having your training and adoption data segregated into different systems means you can never really get the full story. You need the ability to correlate training and user adoption data in one place. You need to check out Litmos LMS!

Litmos is an award-winning learning management system for Salesforce and #1 used LMS by HR departments… Easily train licensed users, contacts and community users. Improve employee, customer, channel and compliance training. Enable and Engage Sales Reps for increased performance. Correlate Salesforce Data against Litmos Training data in Dashboards and Reports.

Check out Litmos and start getting the full story on training and user adoption today!