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I don’t know about you, but more and more of my life these days is spent on my smartphone. Sure, there’s social media, selfies, cats, and calls with my mom. But there’s also work email, office instant messaging, the work line VoIP app, Salesforce1, and more. Honestly, half of this post was written on my phone! And the quickest, least invasive, most effective way to reach me on a daily basis: text messages. I’m not alone. Texting is the most common cellphone activity, texts are more often read and responded to than email, and are used by more people than actual phone calls. So, if you want to reach your customers, you should be looking towards SMS, and I’ve got an app that you should definitely check out!

SMS text chat, campaigns and automated workflows for customer service and sales, seamlessly integrated with Service Cloud. HeyWire LiveText Agent enables your call center for customer texting via existing 1-800 or landline business phone numbers.

HeyWire is one of the best SMS applications I’ve seen on the AppExchange, and is very much worth a look. Check it out today!

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