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As part of the Summer ‘19 Release of Salesforce, a standard option has been built into the system to help encourage user adoption and let your team celebrate a little bit.

You can now set up the system to shower the user with onscreen confetti and celebrate the little things. This functionality can be built around a wide variety of objects, status changes, and fields.

To set up confetti on your system, start by opening up the setup menu and typing Path Settings into the quick find box. Once you are there, edit the path settings.

Step 1: On the first screen you can define the name of the path functionality, which object you want it to run off of, and the record type and picklist


Step 2: Next you select the fields you want to appear, and can also add specific comments, directions or descriptions.



Step 3: Finally, use the slider to enable option A, and get the confetti party started.


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team

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