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When writing marketing emails, it can be pretty common to re-use certain details and bits of content not only throughout the email, but across various emails within a certain campaign. The more emails you are creating, the more you will use these pieces of content, and the more time you will spend on it. This can be a drain on your time, and pose a risk of error as tedious content needs to be created over and over.

To help avoid these issues, Pardot is introducing Snippets. Pardot Snippets are basically merge tags that are specific to a certain campaign, rather than the prospect account.

For example, say you have a campaign letting customers know about a new software product you are offering, you can create Snippets of relevant content, such as, “Release Date” “Product Name” “Product Details” and “Call to Action”. This way, you only have to type these bits of info once, and then use the Snippet tag in each email campaign to insert the exact same content, every time!

Even more powerful, is that the Snippets are saved, and can be modified at a later date. Using the same example as above, say a new product is being released a few months later. The email templates have already been created, using the Snippets. Now all you need to do is go in and update the snippet content to reflect the new product details, and just like that, you have a whole new set of marketing emails ready to go!

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-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team



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