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Are you familiar with Salesforce Quick text? Quick text lets users insert predefined messages into emails, tasks, events, chats, and more to save time and increase standardization.

As a part of the Winter ‘19 Release, Quick Text has gotten a simple but powerful expansion. Tasks and events previously did not allow quick text, however, that is now a thing of the past. So users can create and save common descriptions like, “Follow up in 2 days” or “Left voicemail”, and quickly insert them rather than typing it out every time.

In addition, Salesforce has added more ways to use the Quick Text predefined messages. Users can now add their messages from a keyboard shortcut, a button in a rich-text editor toolbar, or a popup button next to supported text fields.

If you are already using Lightning Experience, then Quick Text is enabled by default in all orgs. For those of you still using Classic, remember that all orgs will be required to upgrade to Lightning later this year, so you too will soon have Quick Text enabled by default. If you want to enable Quick Text in Classic, you are just a simple setting change away.

Want to learn how to set up your own quick text message? Click here


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team

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