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Tip of the Week – Best Practices for Salesforce Development

Tip of the Week – Best Practices for Salesforce Development

Best Practices for Salesforce

When it comes to developing and implementing Salesforce based system, there are undoubtedly best practices (and worst practices). Worst practices might range from writing code in pig latin, to rubbing melted chocolate on your keyboard. But what are best practices? “A best practice is an industry-wide agreement that standardizes the most efficient and effective way to accomplish the desired outcome. They generally consist of a technique, method, or process.”

Not only do best practices provide the most effective processes or techniques, but they also allow any and all users to be able to work with the system and not break the structure or format. Not a bad idea right? With the new availability of Salesforce DX, best practices are becoming even more important. DX is all about focusing on better and more effective ways to do development work. A few quick examples of best practices include test automation, audit trails, and rollback ability. In the end, following these standards is good for everyone involved, and as DX becomes more widely used worldwide, increasingly essential.

The team at SalesforceBen has put together a great article (below) that will take you in-depth on these and some other Salesforce best practices!

Salesforce Best Practices

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team

Tip of the Week – Salesforce ‘Be A Builder’ Yields Unusual Results

Tip of the Week – Salesforce ‘Be A Builder’ Yields Unusual Results

How would you like a Salesforce App that tracks how many crickets were eaten by a chameleon? Sound strange? Well, that’s just what one developer did in the Salesforce Be A Builder Campaign.

Be A Builder

This week we are taking a bit of a break from our regular tips and tricks and would like to bring you a bit of fun. A few weeks ago, Salesforce unveiled their ‘Be A Builder’ campaign, which featured a series of instructional app development videos and a dev community group encouraging fun app builds, sharing and even prizes. The campaign was very well received and garnered a lot of attention and engagement. People from all around the world tuned into the videos, followed along with the instructions and learned some quick tips and tools for making their own apps. They used their creativity, built and shared their creations with the hashtag #beabuilder.

In a follow-up blog post last week, Salesforce Admins unveiled some of the better results of the campaign. One participant built the previously mentioned app for monitoring how many crickets his pet chameleon was fed. The app featured Lightning Custom Components, Reports and Dashboards, Quick Actions, Apex Code, and Custom Objects. Just goes to show you that Salesforce really can be customized for just about anything under the sun!

Read More about the Be A Builder Results Here!

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


Elotek Systems

Elotek Systems

Elotek systems is a leading manufacturers’ representative and solutions provider of technical products including sensors, measuring instruments, and telemetry instrumentation across the 13 Western States. The team has a 30-year reputation for sourcing the best product solutions, at competitive prices while always providing great service and delivering, on-time, everywhere.

The Challenge

Elotek’s existing database was developed over 30 years ago. A recent increase in developer and reporting errors, incorrect commission reporting and lack of order visibility had management and sales concerned that the platform would not be able to keep pace with the new market demands and the company’s growth objectives. Some of the issues included:

  • Lack of responsive support.
  • Change of management which led to lack of understanding by the developer.
  • Too many sloppy development errors leading to loss of data credibility.
  • Slow system, stored on a local server. A cloud-based version was available, but loss of confidence prevented the switch.
  • Elotek was looking for a performance-based system with a high degree of confidence that there would be long term support.

They needed to switch to Salesforce for stability and to modernize their process.



The Solution

Elotek sought out CMB as their partner who would not only provide the analysis of the current system, determine which performance-based platform could support the anticipated long-term growth but also implement it quickly and cost-effectively and then train the staff and remote sales teams so that they would embrace and use the new toolset.

The Result

Multiple platforms were reviewed. Through the discovery process, CMB learned that the Elotek teams – sales, customer support, and admin – were not tech-savvy, and a formal training process never implemented. Ultimately, Salesforce proved to offer the most flexible and quickest platform to implement. It also proved to be the easiest for training staff and the remote sales teams. The entire sales process and the quote, order and invoice system was overhauled, enabling the sales team to increase sales conversion by more than 20% within the first year, while increasing revenue by 32%.

Key Benefits

  • Lead conversion increase of 21% in the first year
  • Increased revenue of 32%
  • Developing custom-built components and features resulted in establishing a:
  • Commission statement wizard and automation tool reducing the process from 3 days to 3 hours
  • Sophisticated sales rep scorecard which made tracking the reps activities more transparent
  • Monthly performance scorecards for the entire company resulting in improved efficiencies



CloudMyBiz Breaking Every Company Record

CloudMyBiz Breaking Every Company Record

CloudMyBiz Breaking Every Company Record

A Fantastic 2017 Sets the Stage for an Even Better 2018

LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2018 – The results are in: 2017 was the best year in the history of CloudMyBiz. For the Los Angeles based Salesforce consulting firm, last year was full of growth, development and groundbreaking ideas that will lead the way for years to come.

2017 saw CloudMyBiz being ranked #789 in the Inc. 5000 top companies of 2017. From 2013 to 2017, CloudMyBiz posted a robust growth rate of 646%! An increasingly large portion of this revenue came from SaaS (Service as a Software) products, indicating a huge potential for CloudMyBiz to grow its annual recurring revenues.

We are extremely happy with the results of our efforts last year. The hard work and dedication of our team is commendable!” said Henry Abenaim, Founder and CEO. “Our success is also a testament to the changing needs of the market. More and more, lenders need to get smarter and lean on technology to access better deals. Our products and services, harnessing the power of Salesforce, are helping to meet these needs, reduce the costs of closing deals and build strong, scalable foundations.”

On the heels of such a successful year, CloudMyBiz is looking forward to the future. The company has been slowly bringing on new talent to fill out the ranks of the company and build on the momentum of the past year. At the top, these additions include a new CFO, Henry Kim, and a revamped marketing and branding approach under the supervision of Peter Cohen, of SaaS Marketing Strategy. CloudMyBiz has also implemented greater internal team structures, better development processes and more detailed goal setting. With all of these changes coming together, CloudMyBiz is poised to make 2018 an even better year than 2017 and push the growth rate even higher!


About CloudMyBiz

CloudMyBiz is a leader in cloud based technology solutions for business. Founded and staffed by experts in FinTech, Lending and Salesforce, CloudMyBiz develops custom solutions, built on the Salesforce platform, that consolidates systems, streamlines business processes and increases ROI. CloudMyBiz specializes in Salesforce implementation, migration, integration, development, in addition to working with Third Party Applications and Custom App Development.