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If your office is anything like mine, it’s constantly pinging and ringing and buzzing with mobile notifications. With the accessibility of smartphones, every workforce is at least a little bit mobile, and giving your team mobile access to their Salesforce data lets them close more deals, faster, on the go. But if you’ve considered implementing a mobile app for your team, the task can be daunting! WSDLs, APIs, security, months of development, yeah, nobody’s got time for that! But in this week’s installment of Dreamforce Tips, I’ve got good news for you. Going mobile with Salesforce is a breeze with Salesforce1!

The Salesforce1 mobile app debuted almost two years ago, but a lot of people are still intimidated by the process of implementing mobile access for their team. From my own experience, it really couldn’t be easier! Because mobile access comes built into your Salesforce org, implementing Salesforce1 involves little more than a couple clicks and downloading the app on your smartphone. As your grow, Salesforce1 scales with you with Mobile Cards, custom Chatter Actions, and new Lightning Components, letting you roll out new features lightning fast. If you’ve not implemented Salesforce1, try it today, and even if you have, this tutorial will take you beyond the basics, and our recommendations will help you make it great!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys
Cover image by Joelle Diane

Dreamforce Sock Update:

Dreamforce Socks

You didn’t miss it last week, I just had a bad week of knitting. But this week, I’m back on track, and yes, that’s a heel! Should be starting the cuffs and striping this week sometime, and it’s very exciting!