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Here we are, blustering and bleary-eyed after the last few boisterous weeks, still healing from our holiday hangovers, gifts unwrapped, ball dropped, corks popped. We’re all just trying to get into the swing of the new year, and struggling to remember to date our checks ending 2016. You’ve got enough on your mind without some cool, but complicated new feature. So this week, I bring you something unbelievably easy.

Loads of people I’ve talked to about Salesforce tell me how hard it is to find the Reports they’re looking for. Especially when your company has been on the platform for a while, you likely have dozens of Folders housing hundreds of Reports. Why not just pin the folders you use to the top of your list? Simply hover over the folder, click on the little pin, and you’re set. If you knew about this useful and easy feature, I’ll bet some of your users didn’t. Let them know! They’ll be thrilled that they don’t have to hunt for their most important Reports.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys