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With the introduction of the Lightning Experience for Salesforce, many old procedures and tricks are slowly being made obsolete. URL Hacks are one of them. You will need to update and switch your system before making the switch to Lightning. To find out how, read on!

First off, What are URL Hacks? They are buttons of formula fields, with specific URL parameters that often take users to New record pages with pre-populated values. Some examples include: Creating a new Case with pre-populated information, logging a call, or create Dynamic Reports.

With the new Lightning Experience, some of the URL hacks that administrators have relied upon are no longer supported. So what are we to do? The answer is Actions. Object Specific Actions. These Object Specific Actions do all the things the URL Hacks used to do but through a fully functional and fully supported Salesforce avenue. All the benefits without the drawbacks.

To set up Actions:

  • Go to the the “Candidate Objects” page in the Setup Menu.
  • Select the “Buttons, Links and Objects” section,
  • Click “New Action”
  • Fill out the fields to define your action and the target object
  • After saving, go back to the action menu
  • Select the “New” button under the Pre-defined Field Values section
  • Follow the steps and fill out a pre-defined field value for each of the fields you want to have pre-populate
  • Finally, Add the Actions to your page layout

That’s all it takes. Though it may be a bit of a process to build these Object Actions for each page and each layout, doing so will save your organization a lot of time in the long run and make daily tasks a breeze.

For a step by step video guide, click here!

-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys