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Dynamic Reports in Salesforce are one of our favorite cool tools. With some simple URL hacking, you’ve got a powerful, custom Report based on filtered data ready at the click of a button. But some things can throw off your URL hacking and break your custom Reports. Commas are especially annoying, since they show up in a number of different places and mess with all of your hard work. Not to fear, there’s a simple solution.

If you need to use a text field which contains commas as a filter in a Dynamic Report link, all you need is a tiny update to your URL hack. If you wrap that field in quotes, Salesforce understands and knows what to do from there. But don’t just throw in quotes – they can cause their own problems in the URL. Instead, add the URL code %22, which will be translated as double quotes. As an example, if you were using ?pv0={!Account.Name}, now you’ll have ?pv0=%22{!Account.Name}%22. That simple! To brush up on your Dynamic Reporting skills, don’t forget to review our guide. And good luck with your next cool Report!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys