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Your sales team is busy, flying this way and that across the globe to meet with prospective clients and close deals. Because of their tight schedules, they use their time in the air to review notes and prepare for upcoming meetings. Many flights these days have wifi, but not all, and it’s always expensive. Your team needs access to their Salesforce data on the fly, no matter where they are or how many cell phone bars they have. The team at Salesforce is one step ahead of you!

The Salesforce Spring ’16 release come with offline access for Salesforce1 for the Sales Cloud! All your users need do is download and log into Salesforce1 to enable offline access (through you can always disable it later). The app will automatically cache records they’ve recently viewed on both the app and on their computer so that the data they need is always accessible. Check out the release highlights for more gems, and the help doc for additional details on offline access. Happy travels!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys