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These last few weeks, I’ve shared with you some somewhat difficult Salesforce projects. You may have felt they were beyond your abilities, and considered sending them to your team’s developers. Trust me, though – you can accomplish a lot more than you realize if you take the right approach. As a knitter, I’m no stranger to complicated projects that seem insurmountable at first, especially when I want to get creative. The key to knitting a perfect, custom sweater is identical to creating any new feature, large or small, in Salesforce. The key is planning.

Before you start any knitting project, you need to spend some time on planning. How much yarn do you need, what size needles, and what techniques are you going to employ to make your project uniquely yours? In Salesforce, it’s the same – what objects and fields are involved, what tools are you going to leverage (clever filters, formula fields, Apex, etc.), and how are you going to design the user experience. Once you’ve got the basics down with your knitting project, you’ll want to take measurements and confirm you’ll get a garment that fits. In Salesforce, your measurements are your test cases – carefully write out scenarios and the expected result so that your final product will meet the requirements. Finally, you’ll want to knit a gauge swatch to make sure everything will come out in the right size, or else choose a design that lets you try on the project as you go. In Salesforce, it’s a good idea to build a proof of concept before wasting too much time on a faulty design, or choosing an agile approach that will let the project evolve as you go. If you approach your Salesforce project like a knitter approaches a new sweater, carefully and with good planning, you can accomplish far more than you could ever believe! Now pick up your needles of choice and cast on the Salesforce of your dreams!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys