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If you use Salesforce alongside Google Apps, you’ve probably noticed that pesky “via Salesforce” tag at the end of any email you send from Salesforce. While most people don’t care, it can become a problem if clients see it and assume your very important communication is nothing but another automated email.  You don’t want critical messages to go unread – or worse, get lost in the void of someone’s spam folder! What can you do?

By using Google Apps as a relay for your Salesforce messages, you can get rid of that annoying and misleading note at the top of your emails. There are a few steps involved, but once it’s done, you’re in business. And what’s more, after this configuration is completed, you’ll see your emails sent from Salesforce in your Gmail Sent folder! Check out this post by our colleagues at Groove Labs for the step-by-step, and enjoy easier, cleaner, clearer email communications from Salesforce!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys