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Opportunity splits are an easy and effective way to share credit among your sales teams. Not every deal is the work of a single person, or even one single sales team. The Opportunity Splits allow everyone involved to get credit for their work, and show it on their revenue reports. Opportunity Splits have been around for quite a while in Salesforce Classic, but just came out for the Lightning Experience with the Spring ‘18 Release

To set up Opportunity splits, an administrator will need to enable them in your system. Once enabled, sharing credit is easy. Simply navigate to the Opportunity Splits section on an Opportunity and fill out the fields. You can credit team members who are directly responsible for opportunity revenue with revenue splits, which always total 100% of the opportunity amount or you can credit supporting team members with overlay splits, which can total any percentage of the opportunity amount, including percentages over 100%.

Considerations for Creating Opportunity Splits


-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team