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While the Engagement Studio is not new to Pardot, having been released in 2016, it is increasingly taking the place of Automation Rules in Pardot. Salesforce describes Engagement Studio as “the nerve center, the IQ, the brain behind the marketing automation” and as the next generation tech for marketing. Engagement Studio provides an end-to-end view of marketing campaigns, powerful reports, analytics and automation tools!

Engagement Studio enables:

  • A Guided Buying Process – Always on campaigns and guided processes give prospects a more relevant and personalized buying journey.
  • Easy Campaign Creation – Everything you need to build top notch Marketing Campaigns. Landing pages, automated rules, actions, triggers and more!
  • Buyer Experience Testing – You can now test and experience the marketing path you create for your potential buyers.
  • Improved reporting – Success metrics give you greater visibility, understanding, and insights.

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-Ryan and the CMB Team