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List Views in Salesforce are a reliable tool for giving you the information you need to prioritize your day, letting any user quickly filter and sort your records so that they can start tackling work in an organized way. The problem with List Views is that there may be a lot of information you want to see before clicking into a record. While you can fit all those fields in the view, they won’t all fit in the limited space on your monitor, forcing you to constantly scroll left and right to get what you need. If this has been a frustration for you, don’t worry, there is a simple solution!

We’ve written a lot of posts about strategic ways to leverage formulas in Salesforce for some pretty cool and powerful results. In this post, I’d like to add another useful formula to your Salesforce arsenal. When there’s a lot of information you want to add to a List View without taking up significant horizontal screen real estate, you just need to create a “Record Overview” formula. Include a label followed by a reference to the appropriate field, then a BR() tag to add a line break before the next one (i.e.: "Account: "&{!Account.Name}&BR()&"Contact: "&{!Contact.Name}). You’ve got 255 characters to work with, which can go a long way. On a Lead, you can include valuable qualifying details. On a Case, you can include information such as the last time you communicated with the client. One or two of these simple formulas let you narrow your List Views enough that you can just scroll down to see everything you need, making it easier for your team to quickly identify where they should focus next. Pretty cool, and really easy!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys