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A wealth of data is built into Salesforce and the Force.com platform. I would love to list all the different data points available, but it would turn this tip from a simple blog post into something of a short story. That is why creating custom reports to help you cut through the data and get to the heart of the matter can be so necessary. However, what use is a custom report, if you can’t make it easily readable? For a report to really be useful, the most significant points should jump off the page / screen.

One solution to this issue, is creating conditional highlighting. Humans are extremely visual, so what better way to signify important data than with color coding? Whether you want to highlight members of the sales team who are outperforming the rest, or give a clear warning flag on accounts past due, the custom fields and formulas available in conditional highlighting can handle it. Simply specify your data points, assign display colors and run your upgraded report.

Click Here for a Quick Guide on Conditional Highlighting

-Ryan and the CMB Team