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SuperheroWhether you’re looking to hire someone in house or find someone to manage your system from afar, finding the right Salesforce Administrator can be difficult. A good system admin is kind of like a superhero. They fight for what’s right (we call it “best practices”), and whenever there’s a problem, they swoop in and save the day. But how do you find a superhero to manage your org? Well, the good people at Penrod Software have prepared a list of the 10 Qualities You Should Look for in a Salesforce Administrator. Some highlights include:

3. Solid Understanding of your Business Processes

Your Salesforce Administrator should have familiarities with business and sales processes.  They should be willing to take the time to fully grasp your company’s organizational structure build relationships with key Salesforce.com users.

10. Big Picture Thinker

You need a long-term thinker, someone who sees the big picture. They understand your vision with Salesforce and actively work to make that a reality. You’re not looking for a Salesforce Administrator that just responds to crises.

Read the rest here, and good hunting!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys