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Aspira XObject

While they can be a little finicky sometimes, Salesforce Workflow Rules are one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of any system admin or developer. From keeping your data clean to streamlining your sales or support processes, Workflows let you build custom automation with clicks, not code. But if your process requires updates to happen across objects when changes are made, Workflows have a limitation – the changes you want won’t go into effect until both records are updated. You can invest time and money in building Apex Triggers to do what simple Workflow Rules should be able to accomplish, or you can check out Aspira XObject.

Aspira XObject allows System Administrators to create “relations” between objects so that workflow rules that are cross-object dependent get updated as soon as the user changes a record on the “watched object” to fulfill the workflow criteria set on the “affected object.”

This awesome app is a fantastic free tool that will bring your Workflow automation to the next level.