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Salesforce1 has been a game changer since its release last year. Since then, many great apps have been released to help leverage the full power of the new mobile Salesforce. Salesforce recently released version 7.0 of Salesforce1, bringing with it a number of powerful new features and UI upgrades.

To begin with, performance has found a major improvement with page loads happening much faster. An action bar has been added to the bottom of the page to allow you to have quick access to the things which are most important to you. Records are easier to navigate than ever before, and now, with just a few quick swipes, you have the ability to perform a number of actions in line with the data. Best of all, dashboards in Salesforce1 have gotten a major overhaul and are now almost as powerful as dashboards on your desktop computer. For more on the latest upgrade check out this link and don’t forget to download the latest version from the iTunes App Store or Google Play today.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys