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A couple weeks back, we shared with you a solution for removing the pesky “from Salesforce” tag which has the nifty side-effect of dropping your emails sent from Salesforce into your Google Apps Sent folder. Since then, I keep getting the question, “how do I see the emails I sent from Salesforce in Outlook if I don’t have Google Apps?” This week’s solution won’t put the emails in your sent folder, but it takes seconds to set up and serves the purpose just as well.

It may not be as nice as having it in your Sent folder, but getting Bcc’d on emails from Salesforce allows you to keep track of communications sent from Salesforce within Outlook or your email client of choice. Depending on your org, go to either Setup -> Personal Setup -> Email -> My Email Settings or Name -> My Settings -> Email -> My Email Settings. Turn on Automatic BCC and click Save. Now you’ll be automatically copied on all emails you send from Salesforce and can add filters to move them wherever you’d like. It couldn’t be easier!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys