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Tip of the Week – The Process Builder makes automating your workflow easy in Salesforce

Tip of the Week – The Process Builder makes automating your workflow easy in Salesforce


We’ve recently been focusing on the Salesforce Spring ’15 release and its features, and this week, I’d like to highlight another new gem. You may have heard about this awesome tool before, but now it’s out of beta and in full release. So Salesforce has lots of tools available for automating your processes, from Workflow Rules to Flows to Apex which have been available for a long time. But Workflows can be tricky to write and debug, and there are some limitations which can lead to a need for 3rd party apps and expensive code to handle even simple automations. You need something quick, simple, and easy to help you automate your processes at the touch of a button. And the Salesforce Processes Builder was built for you.

Like with Report Subscriptions, the Process Builder is an improvement on tools you already had available in your Salesforce arsenal, and similarly, this one is huge! Think about all those things you have to do over and over again in your system – creating follow-up tasks when you get a new lead, sending a follow-up email a week after a Case closes, updating an Account when an Opportunity closes. Now, imagine having an easy interface where all you had to do was draw a flow chart and your new automated processes are already implemented. Snap! The job’s a game! The process builder solves some significant limitations to Workflows by letting you create new records, post to a Chatter Feed, handle more complex cross-object functionality, and write in multiple rules and decision points. For an overview of the Lightning Process Builder, check out this link. Here’s a lightning guide for getting started, and here’s a link to the full guide if you want all the details. Check out the Process Builder today and tell us how it’s helped you improve your workflow!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys