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Tip of the Week – Use Named Credentials in Salesforce to simplify integration maintenance

Integrations are integral when you want to take your Salesforce org to the next level. The integrations you use may be as simple as generating short links for SMS messages, or as complex as feeding live data between Salesforce and your accounting software or back-office data warehouse. If you’re a Salesforce developer, you’ve probably had […]

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App of the Week – Sales Navigator brings robust insights from LinkedIn to Salesforce

This week’s Tip of the Week provides a simple solution for the LinkedIn/Salesforce split, however, if your team is very accustomed to having LinkedIn information living in Salesforce, it may fall short of your needs. If you’re worried about this change, you’re not alone. But not to fret, LinkedIn has developed a robust tool to […]

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Tip of the Week – How to succeed with social media and Salesforce Chatter 101, no ice bucket needed

Salesforce Chatter premiered several years ago now (who remembers the Super Bowl commercials?), and thanks to constant updates and cool new features, it still remains the hot topic everyone talks about. Chatter can do so much more than just serve as a social platform for collaboration, like making things easy to find, helping you keep […]

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App of the Week – Give a hoot about your social cred with Salesforce for Hootsuite

If your company has a strong Social Media presence, you no doubt will be getting compliments (and sometimes complaints) about your business on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. Meanwhile, your statuses and pictures and blog posts are probably making their rounds and shedding light on countless potential new leads. Adding all those cases and leads to […]

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